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Clean, Untethered Energy that Lasts

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Creating the Ideal Fuel

As the AlumaPower Fuel Disc™ spins, it is slowly milled down and consumed (oxidized) in our water-based electrolyte reacting with an air-breathing cathode. As the system operates, an off-product (aluminum trihydrate) is collected for reuse or resale.

AlumaPower's Galvanic Generator design can easily refuel by exchanging a spent fuel disc with a fresh one, not unlike changing a CD or DVD.


Untethered from Electricity Grids

AlumaPower's Galvanic Generator can stand alone OR it can work with an existing rechargeable battery to extend its grid-independent duration by as much as tenfold.

This powerful synergy finally makes it possible to replace the internal combustion engine in applications where no zero-emissions alternatives exist today.

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Background on Aluminum-air Batteries

Aluminum-air (Al-air) batteries are a well-established technology originally invented in the 1960s. However, due to lingering technical issues they failed to scale - which limited their use to niche applications such as torpedoes, UUVs, backup, and buoys.

Today, major aluminum-air competitors rely on battery swapping as a workaround to a complex 'recharging' process, which requires labour intensive disassembly of fixed-plate anodes.

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