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Working Together for a Better Future

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To create applications for clean, powerful energy that provides sustainable humanitarian value; available to all regardless of race, religion, nationality, economic status, educational level, and most importantly, to those most in need.


The AlumaPower Team

AlumaPower is a Canadian-based cleantech startup founded in 2017. We are a team of experienced product developers and committed new professionals dedicated to delivering a first-in-kind solution to help Canada and the world combat the growing climate crisis.

All photos on this site are of the AlumaPower team and do not include actors or stock imagery.

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Working at AlumaPower

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"AlumaPower is a great place to launch your career. The people here are highly talented and innovative, yet also humble and welcoming. They value diversity, embrace it, and are always happy to help. It's incredible to watch everyone work together to achieve a common objective while also growing as a team and doing so much more as a result. It is a fantastic environment to learn and advance both personally and professionally."


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"AlumaPower is the perfect place for co-op students to develop and apply their skills, while also learning new ones. Here, you are given significant freedom to explore your ideas and see them through to completion. With all the necessary resources and support readily available, the opportunities for growth are endless. Find your passion and use this unique opportunity to its fullest potential. Believe in yourself and let AlumaPower be the catalyst for your success!"



Our Locations

Our 17,500 Sq. ft. Sarnia-based R&D Facility is located at Chippewa Industrial Developments Limited (CIDL) on Aamjinwaang First Nation.

Our Engineering & Design facility is located in Kitchener, Ontario.

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AlumaPower is pleased to be located on Aamjiwnaang First Nation lands, enjoying a strong and supportive relationship with our friends and landlords at CIDL.

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AlumaPower's Executive Team

Headshot of Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander

Founder & CEO

Headshot of Henk VandenEnde

Henk VandenEnde

Founder & EVP Business Development

Headshot of Terry D'Silva

Terry D'Silva

Director of Systems

Headshot of Kelly Stinson

Kelly Stinson

Director of Product Development

Headshot of Geoff Sheerin

Geoff Sheerin

Founder, CTO & Inventor

Headshot of Ingrid Thompson

Ingrid Thompson

VP Communications GR & IR

Headshot of Adam Roop

Adam Roop

Director of Product Launch

Board Members and Observers

Richard Godwin

Founder, Board Member

Paul Simpson

Founder, Board Member

Bruce Johnson

Board Observer

Rob Wildeboer

Board Observer

Matt Stanley

Board Observer

Casey Langbroek

Independent Board Chair

Anne Ristic

Independent Board Member

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